Dr. med. Ioana Vulpe

What are the most common ENT disorders?

Diagnosis and treatment : from tinnitus to a viral infection.

Dr. Willy Elbaze- médecin spécialiste ORL-Lausanne


Deafness is a common condition, which manifests itself in the form of hearing loss..

There are two types:
- Perceptive deafness is due to inner ear damage, the most frequent cause being presbyacusis or age-related hearing loss; when the latter becomes troublesome in social situations, a hearing aid is recommended and generally gives excellent results..

- Conductive deafness is due to damage in the external or middle ear, and treatment is often surgical.

An audiogram or hearing test conducted in a soundproof booth is used to classify and quantify this deafness.


Tinnitus and/or ringing in the ears are abnormal noises. They can manifest themselves in the form of hissing, which the patient hears intermittently of permanently.

This kind of damage occurs in 30% of the adult population. Treatment of ringing in the ears is often difficult.

Some drugs may decrease its intensity. Tranquilisers may also be prescribed for insomnia. Treatment of ringing in the ears should be preventive above all.

The wearing of ear protection is essential, especially in patients who are subjected regularly to loud noise at work. 

In all cases, the doctor should listen to the patient.

Discussing the different therapeutic possibilities with patients improves the situation most times.


Dizziness or balance disorder, which the patient describes as if being on a carousel.

Other symptoms, such as nausea and vomiting, are often present.

Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) or cupulolithiasis is a very common vertigo. Its treatment is carried out at the doctor's practice by means of a rapid movement manoeuvre called the Semont manoeuvret.

For other causes, drugs are prescribed - with generally good results.


Colds and acute sinusitis are essentially bacterial in origin. Medical treatment can quickly unblock the nose and sinuses and often gives excellent results.

Antibiotics and nasal drops are generally given. Colds and chronic sinusitis require medical or surgical treatment especially if there is a mechanical obstruction in the nose.

We then use endoscopic methods to avoid making any external opening.


Tonsillitis begins with a tingling sensation at the back of the throat then the pain increases. The throat is inflamed.

White patches can be observed on the tonsils. If the tonsillitis is accompanied by flu or other viral infection, treatment is based on rest and typical fever-reducing drugs. On the other hand, if the tonsillitis is microbial with white patches, it should be treated with antibiotics.

In the case of repeated bouts of tonsillitis, an operation can be considered.